let's get to know each other

My name is Nicole Laiben


I was born and raised here in the Caribbean, and the ocean has always been my second home. It's shaped everything I do behind the camera. Even when I've ventured away from the islands, there's always been this magnetic pull back to the water. Whether it's scuba diving beneath the surface or sailing across it—be it in a boat or on a board—my heart has always belonged to the sea.

But here's the thing: it's not just about my love affair with the ocean. It's about capturing that same joy and excitement in others. There's nothing quite like witnessing someone conquer a new trick they've been tirelessly practicing for days or even months. The sheer exhilaration on their faces as they nail it inspires me. Those moments of pure, unadulterated bliss drive me to pick up my camera and capture the magic.

So, when I'm out there snapping shots of surfers riding the waves or kiteboarders catching air, it's not just about the action—it's about the emotion behind it. It's about freezing those fleeting moments of triumph, of pure joy, and immortalizing them in a photograph. Because at the end of the day, those moments make life worth living, and I feel incredibly privileged to capture them for others to cherish.

So, whether you're shredding the waves or soaking up the sun, know I'll be there, camera in hand, ready to capture every exhilarating moment. Let's create some memories together and celebrate the joy of life by the sea.

The world is my studio, embracing natural light.

Being mobile allows me to provide a curated experience to each client. If we are doing an action shoot the session can be held on the beach, in the water, the mountains, or skatepark.

With portrait and boudoir shoots

they can happen where you most feel comfortable. Reach out and we can discuss our options.