Hiring Photographers in Puerto Rico!

Finding a photographer in puerto rico that will help you create your vision can be a daunting task. Our goal is to make booking and having a photo shoot an enjoyable process. This is a time for you to enjoy getting to know your photographer in San Juan Puerto Rico or wherever you decide to have your shoot in the beautiful Caribbean. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and have a fond memory from your time with your photographer in Puerto Rico. We provide an array of photography services that can meet all of your needs.

Looking for Engagement Photography in Puerto Rico? we got you covered with great locations in the historical city of old San Juan or a beautiful beach.

Do you want to empower yourself with a photoshoot that is for Boudoir in Puerto rico? Relax into knowing that you will be guided and comfortable throughout the entire process.

Your big day is coming up and you need a Wedding Photographer in Puerto Rico? We got you covered on your magical day not missing a beautiful moment!

Do you need Headshots or a Personal Portrait in Puerto Rico? No worries, you will be captured in all your unique glory against the backdrop of a majestic tropical island.

Are you an adventure seeker that is looking for an Action Sports Photographer in Puerto Rico? This is our specialty, if its kiting, winging, surfing, we have all the water sports covered. Now if you need land action we got you too! Motocross, MTB, one wheeling, or rock climbing just to name a few.

Maybe you live here and want to sell your home. We can gladly help you with Realestate Photography in Puerto Rico. We take great pride in our attention to detail and timelines.

You can always reach out to us and have a brief conversation to see if we are the right fit for you. We want to make sure that you are getting exactly what you are looking for! Contact us at 340-690-2634 or send us an email.


Drew Christianson

Had a blast shooting with Windproof Photography down in Puerto Rico last week!

I don’t know how she does it to be honest… she was out swimming in the waves for hours on end to make sure she got great shots of me and my buddy on the water.

Amazing work, her attention to detail is next level! Can’t wait to work with you again maybe on a trip to another beautiful kitesurfing spot soon.


Why Puerto Rico Photography?

Puerto Rico is a tropical paradise in the heart of the Caribbean. It is full of lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and a mix of cultures. They all come together to create an unforgettable experience.

As a Puerto Rico photographer I'm here to help guide you. You tell me what you are looking for and I plan accordingly to showcase you in the island's beauty and vibrancy in every shot. Photographers in San Juan Puerto Rico are excited to make your vacation a beautiful experience. We all want to make sure you get to be a part of the tropical paradise that we are privileged to call home.

Embrace your milestones, celebrate your journey, and bask in the beauty of Puerto Rico with a solo San Juan puerto rico photography session that captures the essence of who you are. Whether you're marking a special occasion, on vacation, commemorating a birthday, embracing the joys of maternity, or simply reveling in the beauty of this stunning island paradise, this is your moment to shine.

Picture yourself against the backdrop of Puerto Rico's breathtaking landscapes  Let the array of colors and vibrant culture of this island inspire your portraits. Creating a memory that will last a lifetime with San Juan photographers.

Solo Portraits

San juan Photographers

Action Sports Photography

Photographers in San Juan Puerto Rico

Welcome to the thrilling world of water sports in Puerto Rico, where every wave is an adventure waiting to happen. Imagine standing on the beach, feeling the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, and listening to the waves crashing against the shore. 

Having a photographer in San Juan Puerto Rico for your action sports photography is perfect. Surfers, kiteboarders, and anyone looking for an adventure can capture their proudest moments. Whether you're a pro or a newbie, there's something for everyone. You could be riding the infamous waves of Rincon or a secret spots along the coast. There are endless opportunities for fun in the water here in the Caribbean.

As a photographer in Puerto Rico who loves water sports, I'm here to capture all the action and excitement. I'm always looking to be in the ocean, and I can't wait to share that passion with you.

I'm not just taking pictures, I'm capturing moments. The rush of catching the perfect wave, the thrill of flying through the air on a kiteboard, the pure joy of being in the water. These are the moments that make water sports in Puerto Rico so amazing, and I'm here to make sure they're captured forever.

So whether you're hitting the waves, catching some air, or cruising along the surface of the water, I'll be there to capture all the excitement with enthusiasm and skill. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in Puerto Rico's amazing waters.

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By Nicole Laiben - PR Photography


Couples Photography Packages

Puerto Rico is not just a vacation spot; it is a perfect setting for love stories to unfold. Whether you plan to propose or celebrate your engagement, there is no better place to capture those special moments than against the breathtaking landscapes of this tropical paradise. Hire an Engagement Photographer Puerto Rico to capture unforgettable moment.

Just imagine you and your partner, surrounded by the natural beauty of Puerto Rico. With my expertise in San Juan photography, I will ensure that every picture reflects your love, happiness, and journey together. Allow yourself to relax knowing that you will have beautiful engagement photos in San Juan to share with your loved ones back home.

So, are you ready for the next step in Puerto Rico? Let's capture the magic together and create memories that will last a lifetime. Get in touch, and let's make some masterpieces!

Product Photography

Photography Of Puerto Rico

Let's chat about taking photos of your products in Puerto Rico. It's not just snapping some pics, it's about telling a story. Imagine your product being in the center of Puerto Rico's colorful markets or against the backdrop of its green landscapes. It's not just a photo shoot; it's about capturing the essence of the island in every frame.

Think about your handmade crafts or creations basking in the warm glow of a Caribbean sunset or surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a local market. Eye catching images are what make photographing products here so special—it's not just about the product itself but about the story it tells and the connection it creates with the tropical environment.

It's not just about finding the perfect spot; it's about capturing the emotion behind your product. Whether it's the care and craftsmanship that goes into each handmade item or the passion and dedication behind your brand, I'll make sure that every photo reflects the heart and soul of what you do.

So, let's bring your products to life in a way that's as unique and vibrant as Puerto Rico itself. Get ready to tell your story, make a connection, and create something truly unforgettable with the photographers in Puerto Rico.


UnderWater Portraits


Underwater Puerto Rico Photography

Take a breath and let’s explore the art of underwater portraiture. This is a unique experience that you can have out in nature or in a controlled environment. These photos can be as calm as the you desire or as wild as your imagination can dream. These sessions are always fun and extremely rewarding. With your San Juan Puerto Rico Photographer you will be able to discover this underwater world. These Underwater photography session require you to come with an open mind and we will create something beautiful together.

Photographer San Juan Puerto Rico

Nicole Laiben

I was born and raised here in the caribbean and the ocean has always been my second home. It's shaped everything I do behind the camera. Photography in Puerto Rico has been rewarding. Ive always been drawn to the ocean whether it's scuba diving beneath the surface or sailing across it—be it in a boat or on a board—my heart has always belonged to the sea.
It's not just about my love affair with the ocean. It's about capturing that same joy and excitement in others...

More About Me
destination wedding

Puerto Rico Wedding Photographer

Puerto Rico is an excellent choice for your destination wedding, not only is it warm its also beautiful. Imagine getting married with the Caribbean Sea as your backdrop, the gentle breeze swaying palm trees, and the sun setting on the horizon. getting lost in the moment with your toes in the sand can create a romantic atmosphere perfect for starting a new chapter in your life together. Your wedding photography in Puerto Rico will be a blend of love, adventure, and culture. The island's charm and hospitality will make you and your guests feel comfortable from the moment you arrive. Whether you choose the beach, a tropical garden, or a historic hacienda for your vows, every detail will showcase paradise. You'll enjoy sipping cocktails with fresh tropical fruit, indulging in delicious local cuisine, and dancing under the stars to the rhythm of salsa and reggaeton. Your wedding celebration will be sensational, filled with laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments. A Puerto Rico wedding photographer will capture every smile, tear, and heartfelt embrace so you can relive the magic of your destination wedding for years to come. These memories will serve as cherished mementos of your special day in Puerto Rico. Let the beauty of this tropical paradise set the stage for your dream wedding and your memories that will last a lifetime in your Puerto Rico wedding photos.

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