Best Camera Bag for Hiking and Traveling.


I have been traveling with the F-stop Ajna backpack for almost a year now. It has joined me on several trips to different countries. This bag is reliable and able to withstand the beating I have put it through. More importantly, my precious camera gear has made it safely there and back.

When I first started looking at camera bags, I knew I needed something that would be able to hold my telephoto lens and my waterproof housing simultaneously.  I often switch between photographing kiteboarding from land to the water on the same day. This requires me to be prepared and have all my gear in one spot.

Then I found the Ajna backpack from F-stop during my research. I was super excited! I had a particular list of things I needed in my camera bag and this backpack hit them.


The Ajna camera bag is made out of Dura Diamond, which is a lightweight, rugged material that is more water-resistant. I feel comfortable bringing it on hikes where I know I'll have to be climbing over rocks and being active. I also regularly bring it to the beach and haven't had any issues.


The D-rings on the straps and the aluminum avalanche closure, feel sturdy and reliable. I don’t worry about the connection point for my hip straps, breaking unlike plastic clips, which can over time degrade and snap.  With the avalanche-style clasp, you can release it with one hand. The adjustable sternum strap is made out of plastic and has a built-in whistle.


On the hip straps, there are several Molle attachment points that you can customize with other items.


There is a hydration pouch inside the main pocket along the front panel. The hose comes out of a H2O Velcro slit in the side of the backpack and you can string it along the shoulder through a mesh to keep it down on your shoulder strap. The hydration pouch can also fit a 16-inch laptop or an iPad if you choose to carry that instead of a hydration pouch. It does not have padding inside of the pouch so just be aware of that.



I love pockets. I want to be able to organize as much or as little as I want. This bag does not lack when it comes to pockets, and pockets within pockets.

In the very top pouch, there is a zipper pocket with a microfiber lining that can be used for sunglasses, lenses, or whatever you choose.

On the sides of the bag, there are two shallow pockets that also have weather-resistant zippers. These I use for my rain pouch and papers that I might need access to.

On the front of the bag, we have a long zipper pocket that can easily fit a lightweight jacket and another pocket with a pocket where you can fit a wallet or keys.

In the main compartment at the top of the lid there is a mesh zipper pocket where you can store extra cords or items of the sort.









The metal frame takes the weight of the bag and transfers it to your hips. This can help you carry the bag more easily for extended periods of time. It also helps the bag keep its shape.


The handle at the top of the bag is thicker and padded, which allows you to pick it up with ease when it is fully loaded with your gear. It is sturdy and can easily be trusted to carry your bag from this pick point. I attach a carabiner that has a swivel, allowing me to hang it from objects, keeping it off the ground if necessary.


The back panel that opens up into the large compartment is fixed with multiple pouches and to help organize your smaller items. You have three magnetic SD card holders at the top, next you have a zipper pouch where you can store extra microfiber cloths or batteries. The bottom pouch has a magnetic closure where you can store SSDs or other items.


The 37L bag can fit a Large insert and smaller. I can easily fit a telephoto lens and my water housing into the insert.

Overall this bag is amazing and I would get excited when anyone would ask about it. So now I can share my stoke and hopefully help people decided if this is the bag for them! Check out the link below!