Sometimes we go out to shoot and the conditions aren’t what we expected

After arriving to your photoshoot by bike, car, or kite you realize that you will be shooting into the sun. That could be because the wind direction shifted in the past 30min or the trick you guys were originally planning on shooting is no longer possible due to conditions. Whatever the case may be, you need to improvise.

If it’s the sun direction, than embrace it! Pump up that ISO so that your subject is visible and have them against a backdrop of glistening light. If you are using a camera that has you worried about noise then you could think about making your depth of field shallower instead of using ISO. (Noise can also be used to your advantage).

*Rider: Chris Bobryck Kiteboarding in Hatteras, NC

The clouds have rolled in and you are now looking at a bleak gray background. Now what? As long as it is only rain then you can consider continuing. (Always be careful in these conditions. Wind direction and speed can change dramatically in a short amount of time. You and your rider should stay close to shore and make the decision to continue or pause, together. Your safety should always be your top priority)

A gray background is the perfect opportunity to pull out all those beautiful colors! Highlight the gear or the rider’s outfit.

Rider: Reider Decker Winging in Hatteras, NC

Just remember to use your imagination and to try something new. If the conditions aren’t ideal you can always use that time to explore the possibilities you may not have considered on the “perfect” day. Have fun!